We The People commissioned a comprehensive, statewide poll with polling firm TargetSmart, which surveyed 1,150 registered voters across the state. The poll provides dramatic evidence to support one of the key themes of the We The People campaign: the leadership of the General Assembly is totally out of touch with what the people of Pennsylvania want from government.

SURVEY METHODOLOGY: TargetSmart designed and administered this telephone survey conducted by professional interviewers. The survey reached 1,150 adults (600 weighted), age 18 or older, who indicated they were registered to vote in Pennsylvania. The survey was conducted from April 4-10, 2018. The sample was randomly selected from TargetSmart’s enhanced voter file and based. Fifty-two percent of respondents were reached on wireless phones (fifty-one percent weighted). Quotas were assigned to reflect the demographic distribution of registered voters in Pennsylvania. The data were weighted by gender, age, party registration, and region to ensure an accurate reflection of the population. A representative base sample of 510 respondents was augmented by two oversamples: one consisting of 350 respondents who live in marginal state legislative districts in southeast Pennsylvania, and the other consisting of 200 respondents who live in marginal state legislative districts in Western Pennsylvania. The oversamples were weighted into the base sample such that the overall effective sample size is 600. The overall margin of error is +/- 4.0%. The margin of error for subgroups is larger and varies. Percentage totals may not add up precisely due to rounding.