The Policies

For too long, politics in Pennsylvania has been shaped by a corporate-sponsored narrative, claiming that the only way to increase prosperity is by cutting taxes on the rich and gutting government spending.


It’s time for our government to pursue commonsense economic solutions that will build prosperity for all Pennsylvanians. Here are ideas about how we turn ideas into action, organized into six guiding principles for our agenda:





1. Raise wages and improve working conditions 

by increasing the minimum wage, restoring the 40-hour work week, helping people join unions, and guaranteeing everyone earned sick-time.


2. Adequately and equitably fund public education 

and provide free or reduced tuition for public colleges and job training programs so that all Pennsylvanians have the opportunity to find meaningful and well-paid work.



3. Protect our rights to the necessities of life

including food security, decent housing, and quality, affordable health care by expanding public health insurance programs

4. Invest in our infrastructure and safeguard our environment 

by fixing our roads and bridges, expanding our transit systems, and protecting our air and water.



5. Fix our rigged tax system

by asking those with the most to do their part: increase taxes on large corporations, the wealthy, and natural gas drillers while decreasing taxes on working-class and middle-class Pennsylvania families.

6. Secure our democracy

by ending gerrymandering, making it easier to vote, limiting the effects of money on politics and eliminating all barriers of race and gender to participation in our political and economic life.